Alta via Crespeina (Puez plateau)

  • Duration: 5 hours
  • Distance 13,5 km
  • Height difference 400 m
  • Max altitude 2530 m

From Selva di Val Gardena with Dantercepies cablecar you arrive at 2298 m where you can find a refreshment stall. From the upstream station cablecar on path 2a, arriving close to Jimmy hut (2222 m), you can clamber up among bizarre peaks at Forcela Danter les Pizes (2469 m); after a short descent you climb up to Forcela de Crespeina con croce ( 2528 m).

Once in plateau serpentine, passing by the mentioned lake, you cross the stony flat expanse, always on path 2, reaching Forcela de Ciampei (2388 m). Passing through a short gorge you can reach the Gherdenacia plateau; on path 2/4 you finally cross Puez-Puezhutte refuge (2475 m, open during summer; 2h 30′ from the pass).

Descent: following path 14, very steep at the beginning, you go down to the bottom of the groove enclosed between high walls: it is the so called Vallunga; you walk on through meadows and woods, in a solitary enviroment arriving then at the village (1567 m; 2h30′ descent).

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