Piccola Cir Spigolo sud – Itinerary

  • Spigolo sud (via ferrata) Gruppo del Cir
  • Difficulty: medium-easy
  • Height difference: 220 m
  • Total hours for climbing:1h30’/2h
  • Total hours for descent: 1h
  • Equipment: NDF

Short and amusing. Ideal for beginners and very busy.

Approach: from Selva using Dantercepies cable car, 2300m, (see also signs) climb up to the grassy ridge (north), that brings you to the beginning of a channel. Passo Gardena is the ideal base for your approach, 2125 m. For the ferrata: go up the channel on the left (I) and after 40 m on a path on your right there is a small trail equipped witha a small ladder. (attack 30′).
The first part overgoes the south spur and then after moving without fixed ropes the final equipped section crosses the cusp peak.

Descent: go back from the cusp peak then trun left (north) following another fixed rope that leads you to a channel that brings back to Dantercepies.

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