The pioneering Selva–Dantercepies cable car network

The first connection with the Sellaronda tour.


The history of the Selva–Dantercepies cable car line starts in 1949 when, on the initiative of Marcoaurelio Pasti, a single-seater chairlift was designed by the engineer Arturo Tanesini and built by the Drago company. The lift started operating in the middle of May 1950, exactly when the Giro d’Italia passed through the Gardena Pass. An article which appeared in the “Alto Adige” daily newspaper reported at the time that the Dantercepies, which extended for 2500 m, was the longest chairlift in Europe. The start and finish of this original lift were in the same position as the current valley and mountain stations. The “Piz da Cir” chairlift between the Gardena Pass and the Dantercepies mountain was opened in 1947. So, by 1950, there was already a cable car connection between the village of Selva and the Gardena Pass. Today, these lifts still represent a cornerstone of the Sellaronda circuit.

Marcoaurelio Pasti prays that his projects will go through.
Il Passo Gardena in una foto databile attorno al 1946. L’edificio grande in basso a destra è l’Hotel Cir. Si nota facilmente come la costruzione sia la stessa di oggi.
The Drago construction company’s technical report.
The future Dantercepies line was marked in a photo taken prior to 1949.
THE 1950S AND 1960S

The Dantercepies chairlift continued its pioneering activities, enjoying great success amongst the small number of ski enthusiasts of the time.

The Dantercepies chairlift in a photo taken in the 1950s, when the capacity was 180 people per hour.
The chairlift was replaced with a more comfortable basket lift in the mid-1960s.
FROM THE 1970S TO 2013

In 1970, the Women’s Downhill race was held on the Cir slope during the World Ski Championships in Val Gardena. The slope was built in a short space of time specifically for the event and still represents one of the most iconic slopes of the Dolomiti Superski region. In 2004, skiers were able to ski to the end of the Cir slope when the Val chairlift was built. In 1975, new stations were built in the mountain and valley but later demolished in 2013. During the past 38 years, the 1975 Agudio station was partially modernised in 1986, followed by the Leitner station in 1992.

The Women’s Downhill race was held on the Cir slope during the 1970 World Ski Championships in Val Gardena.
The Agudio gondola lift, with automatic coupling, was one of the first in Italy, with 4-seater cabins and able to transport 1200 people per hour.
In 1986, the Agudio station was updated, with new 6-seater cabins, and capacity was increased to 1600 people per hour.
The valley station in a photo taken in April 2013, a few days before its demolition.
The mountain station in a photo taken in April 2013, a few days before its demolition.

In 2013, Dantercepies rebuilt the main gondola lift, demolishing the valley and mountain stations. The project was entrusted to the architect Rudi Perathoner. On 2 May 2013, a landslide from the Cir Group forced the company to use a different line from the original one, cutting through the new intermediate station. In 2020, the splendid La Ria slope was opened on the lower part of the old cable car route. To date, Dantercepies Spa is committed to the sustainable enhancement of the area between Selva di Val Gardena and the Gardena Pass throughout winter and summer.

Mountain station.